Art Display

IMAG0103Last month we had an art display at our local library. We being the group of women, and their kids, who belong to a small homeschooling art class. Last month was the paintings display and all 18 pictures/paintings adorned the walls and were admired by many. One painting was even bought by the head librarian there (an amazing rose painting by one of the mothers).

IMAG0104This month is the cabinet display with things like sculptures and handmade toys. Unfortunately there wasn’t as much in this one which resulted in the kids and I doing a clay sculpture weekend a few days before it was put into the library and the borrowing of some of the kids toys which I had previously made them (and were still in good/clean condition).

I am still happy with it though as it there is a variety of craft items displayed here, and it is on display till the end of January

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