A Running Update

It is hard, I feel so slow, I feel like I am slowing everyone down.

I admit to having doubts about my own capabilities, especially when I run/jog so slowly. All these grand plans of running/walking long distances are starting to seem a little more daunting then usual.

Admittedly, running in the morning is harder then the afternoon and I am able to jog for longer then I used to but my times don’t seem to have improved any, my weight is still the same and my shins are telling me to slow down, but when I do, they yell at me that it isn’t time! Can’t win with those shins of mine. One of the ladies in the group I jog with, came into the group unable to keep up, now I am lagging behind.

I do, however, enjoy my morning runs and training sessions as we get to plot and plan the many business ideas which pass through our heads. It is a bit of adult girl time and the company is great.

We are currently running a 3 minute, 5minute, 3 minute, 5minute route, with walking breaks in between times.


absolutely - i can see the

absolutely - i can see the difference in your ass - as an interested party of course!
and waking up to you getting out of bed to go running makes me feel fat and lazy!
signed the hubster

You are so not slowing

You are so not slowing everyone down. You're inspirational. Your mum is now interested in exercise, so is your sister... your friend has started...

I love plotting and planning business ideas, it's great fun :-)

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