Day 2

I have spent the day making jams and jelly (the spreadable type) for our local show which is coming up. I made rosella jam and beetroot jelly. M11 also had me assist her in the making of pineapple jam. The rosella jam turned out perfectly thick and tasty, the beetroot jelly, I am just waiting to see what happens as it hasn't had a chance to cool down yet. The pineapple jam might be a little soft as I do not think we added enough sugar into it. I have included a recipe for beetroot jelly at the end of this post.

In order to fulfill my daily home, health or fitness bit, I strung up a makeshift clothesline under our patio so I can at least try to get our laundry dry. It has been raining since Thursday last week! Today has been the heaviest with part of our yard flooded and the gravel area near the real clothesline being completely underwater. Our vegie garden is a raised garden so they are safe so far. The grass is really going to grow because of this and then I will get to use my personal gym equipment the lawn mower.

Beetroot Jelly

- beetroot, fresh (not tinned)
- sugar
- water
- juice of 3 lemons (minimum)

- Trim, peel and grate the beetroot. Put in a large saucepan.
- Add enough water to the saucepan so that the grated beetroot is just covered. Simmer for minimum 10 minutes.
- At this stage you can choose to make jam or jelly. If you want to make jam, leave in the pulp (or you can even remove some of it). If you want to make jelly, strain the pulp, reserving only the liquid.
- Measure the liquid, and for every cup on liquid, put in 1 cup of sugar, back into the saucepan.
- Add in the lemon juice. You need the pectin of the lemon juice as beetroot doesn't contain it.
- Bring to the simmer and make sure the sugar is fully dissolved before bringing it up to the boil.
- I am not sure exactly how long to boil it for, but you want to boil it till a small amount gels on a cold saucer (small plate).
- Once the jelly is ready, bottle into sterilized and still warm bottles.

To tell that it is ready, the jelly should crinkle slightly while being gently pushed with your finger.

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