Tuesday was a busy day in my normally busy lifestyle. (I really enjoyed the holidays when there was no extra curricular stuff)
The day started with dropping Miranda at card classes late, and then up to the running tracks for some practice with Jade. Erin and Merc joined in and played around. Aunty Jo and her bubs came to visit us while we were at the park/sports oval. The kids played at the park and then went over to feed the ducks with some bread they were given by other people.
On the way to pick up some material, the car started making a strange sound from one of the tyres. It sounded like I had a flat tyre but didn't drive like I had one. I had to pull over 3 times before I found out the culprit (a wad of tape stuck to the front right tyre)
Then it was off to pick up some material for Jade, Erin and Merc.
Late to picking up Miranda and home again.
We were only home for 3.5hrs before heading out for girls brigade, first for Erin's 5pm class, then at 6.30pm for Miranda and Jade's class.
They say they have to start early since they will have 4 yr olds joining and a 8pm finish time is too late for them. At the moment it is only two 5yr olds in the class.
Back home at 9pm and all the kids to bed (even the hyperactive almost 3yr old), a catch up on emails, a quick chat on a reptile chat then off to bed.


Only 3 days till I get my baby snakes.

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