Truck Strike

There is supposed to be a truckie strike starting Monday next week.

Of course not every truckie will be able to stop work and take a 'holiday', otherwise they would simply loose out in income and not be able to support their family.

I can agree with some of the things that the truckies are asking for, but in doing so (the strike) it will cripple the east side of Australia and they most likely will not have jobs to go back to, especially if it lasts too long.

If the milk doesn't get delivered (from the farms) then what will happen to the farmers? Will they have to let their cows dry up or will they just have to dump the milk? Either way they will loose a huge portion of their income and will have to send employees/farm hands off on impromptu holidays. Not only will it affect the manual labourers on the farm but also the companies that buy the milk and treat/pasturise it will have to close down as there will be no milk products to treat.

This will go all the way down the chain to the consumer, us, and this is only one simple product.

There is so much to say on this and it will be hard to plan for next week, especially if it goes on for any length of time.

I also wonder if places like Australia Post, who have their own trucks, are affected the same way. (I don't mind not getting bills for a couple of weeks, especially with this legitimate excuse)

Anyhow, time will tell and I have a few long life milk cartons in the cupboard.


Hi...With almost 80% of

Hi...With almost 80% of Australians agreeing to the strike, it is more than just "rogue drivers", as stated in the SMH.
Although the next few weeks will be challenging for us, I can think of no worse indictment on our government than truckies and farmers committing suicide, because of loss of income, bank repossession and being chased for huge fines.

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