I just won 100 meters of picot elastic on eBay! Picot elastic is the type of elastic they use on underwear. I am sure I will find other uses for it.

Apart from that I have done some more sewing. I took the plunge and tried out my birthday present (I got it almost a month ago), an overlocker. Once I worked out that a certain bit had to be put up, and why my mum used to thread her overlocker the way she did it was happy sailing. I now have 6 cushions covered in some fabric remnants I picked up from Spotlight ($5 fill a bag). I have one monster pillow to work out what I want to do with. I could cover it or I could make it into new things. Not sure yet.

Later on I will get back into sewing, well just knocking up a trial chef jacket to test the altered pattern I made. I am using an old bed sheet for this.

Tomorrow I am off to a women's thing/afternoon tea/tea tasting without the kids! Woot!

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