Run Down

I think I know why I am feeling run down and with a sore throat at the moment.

Not only am I home schooling 4 kids (teens to tweens) but I have an extra 90minutes a day doing specialist work with one, helping another with her traineeship studies, and then having to reply to people when they talk to me… This is without adding work into the mix.

This traineeship stuff isn’t easy to work out how to do and i think her boss has a bit more work to do then was originally planned for.

Next year the teens will have extra studies from their local (ish) Tafe. And if things go the way they are, my work will pick up and the only spare time I will have will be when I am hiding at my desk on a short lunch break.

Need to add to this my running. Gotta keep that up.

The new year looks to be a busy one, no slowing down but picking up pace.


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