IMAG0115Rain, it is inundating QLD at the moment. It started out west with the flooding and now it is coming closer to the coast. People are having to evacuate their homes, and their towns. Leaving everything behind. Cars have been swept down creeks turned into wild rivers. People have gone missing in the flood waters. So much of normal life has come to a halt. Everything is wet.

We have survived pretty well where we are and have only lost a few things in the rain. All of our animals, stinky ones included, are now residing in the house as even the patio is flooding when it rains hard. We are unable to keep the water out despite the ditches which have been dug. And we are the lucky ones. We have electricity still, running water (from the taps) and a dry inside of the house.

Despite all of this rain, the sunflowers are blooming and bringing a bit of beauty to the grey of the constant heavy rain. They are the only thing which has survived in our flooded garden beds, and for this I am happy. They provide a light and bright focal point among the drizzle and wet.

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