Maybe I am going through an early mid-life crisis, or maybe I am growing up, or maybe I want change more then I used to, but I have a lot of questions at the moment, about the life that I live in.

Some of those questions are

  • what is a Christian? There are so many different versions out there, and what one person sees as being acceptable, another might not. I don’t know which model is best to follow, or replicate. I think the best thing I can do is to act morally responsible and have a belief. I guess I won’t know the answer until I reach the end, whenever that may be.
  • why does my husband fall asleep early evening and then refuse to wake up? It does mean I get the bed to myself till at least 2am when he decides it is time to head to bed. He quite regularly falls asleep before 10pm, and isn’t usually up any earlier then I am
  • how can I loose this excess weight? I think cutting back on carbs would work, introducing more fruit and veg, as well as being more active. I am almost comfortable enough to run 5km non-stop. I can do it, and I do do it, but it isn’t that comfortable yet.
  • will I be able to run 10km non-stop by the end of April, and be able to run 8km non-stop by mid April? I have 2 runs I want to do this month, and those are the distances.
  • will i see my study through to the end? I am studying sports nutrition and paediatric nutrition, just basic courses, to give me a teaser and enough information to change my life, and those around me
  • will hubby allow me to change his diet? I don’t see this happening anytime soon unfortunately. I do want to change the kids diet however, so they can have a better future and perform better
  • will i get my drawing streak back again?
  • will we ever buy a house and stop renting? and when we buy, will we stay there, securely, for a long time, before the kids have left home?
  • will I have sheets to wash in the morning?
  • will we pass rental inspection
  • how will we know which house we choose is the right one? should we wait for the one at Kallangur to become available or should we take one in Morayfield? the one at Kallangur is smaller then the Morayfield one but it has solar panels, and is comfortable, even if I am not fond of the driveway.

I am sure i could come up with a heap more questions but these are the main ones which have been swirling around in my head as of late.

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