No PE For Me Tpday

3 out of 4 kids have colds of varying degrees and just aren't up to much. It was minimal schoolwork today for one of them and the other 2 just did nothing. E6 did want to go to PE though, to just sit and watch and do nothing, but I think that would have been too much for her as she is the worst and has had high temps the last couple of nights, not been eating much and basically not feeling up to doing much in general.
I get to stay home while hubby gets to go and teach 20+ kids of varying ages PE.

Update: All 4 decided to stay home afterall and are happily watching movies (cheap Tuesday at the video shop)

Now that I have seperated one box of wood roaches into 3 boxes (2 more boxes to do this to) I might go and finish off some more sewing, and once the kids movies are finished, I will encourage them to clean up a little.

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