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Dear J-Mummy,

IMG_4731I thought about doing up a blog post, I also thought about just sending you sms’s, I also thought about not saying a word, but instead I decided to write a letter (pictures included) about the time you graciously left little Em with us.IMG_4893

She is a darling sweet little child, full of life and excitement. She was a pleasure to care for. We totally exhausted her by taking her out lots and having little excursions. One particular trip that was memorable was our day out at Australia Zoo. There was so much to see and do there that it would have been hard for her to take it all in. We didn’t even get a chance to see the whole zoo.

While not eating much, she did drink a bit of milk, eat a few sausages and totally enjoy a whole single scoop rainbow ice-cream (that we had at the zoo).

At the zoo, she fed the elephants, got licked by a pony, sat enthralled by the swimming tigers, and dozingly (but happily) watched the otters. Oh, she loved the bouncy castle and tea cup ride also.

On the next day she took a trip to a distant library to enjoy a few books, followed by playing in the park, while waiting for our car to have the repairs made. That day she feasted (and spilt) chips, let yogurt balls melt in her hand and sipped on water. Yes, we did feed her healthy foods also. She loved the peaches and plums and preferred them over sandwiches and cereal. After the car was done, she went and won over my friend with her winning smile and charming personality. That was only a short trip though and then we were back home for a few hours, a long nap (her not me) and off to grandma’s. On the way there we made a short stop at a pet shop, the kittens and birds capturing her attention.

You should have seen her once she realised we were at grandma’s place. She was so excited and jumpy/bouncy. She new we were there before we even got out of the car.

We were sad to see her go, but you should know, she did learn her cousin’s names before she left.

She was a pleasure to have, a very obedient child.

Now, there are a few pictures below, of our zoo trip, for your pleasure. I have lots more and a video if you are interested J-Mummy!

IMG_4732 IMG_4741 IMG_4743 IMG_4832 IMG_4924 IMG_4942

Lotsa love from Aunty Jude

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