Medieval Makeover - #1

We are attending a medieval tournament on the weekend so I have taken on the task to turn bed sheets, scrounged up scraps and old costumes into new and accurate (well, trying sorta) costumes for the family.
So far I have:
- cut and sewn my under dress
- altered an old but too small under dress of mine to fit my eldest
- cut and sewn Erin's under dress
- cut out Jade's under dress

I have one more under dress to go, or I might just make an under tunic since it is for Merc. I also need to hunt up and hope I haven't disposed of some old tunics of hubby's.

Once that is out of way I have over dresses, pants and tunics to make up. Shouldn't take more then a day and a half.

The kids also want to make shields since we missed out on doing that today.

Today is another story and I am too tired to talk about it now, so that shall happen when i break away from sewing.

Oh, and my light bulb on my sewing machine busted today. I think I will borrow Miranda's desk lamp for a while.

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