Material Goods

One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately was material goods and wealth. The stuff we can see and touch, that can get destroyed so easily and replaced just as easily.

During the recent floods, we got off pretty lightly with only a few things flood/rain damaged and this was because of the lay of the land and how the water flowed. It flowed onto the patio and partially into the garage/office. Out of the things that got damaged and need to be thrown out, I am not overly worried about. They are, after all, just things. Things we have wanted but not necessarily needed. Some of the reptile enclosures/stands need replacing, and this is annoying, but as we have discovered, we have been able to do without these extra things.

We also have boxes of things which have been unopened since we last moved (almost 4 months ago). How much of them do we need? How much of those packed things have we actually missed and would continue to miss? I must admit to wanting to use my food processor a few times but not wanting to unpack it because there is no where to actually store it. There have been a few other things also that I would have liked to use but haven’t been able to because we haven’t had the room.

How much of this stuff that we carry from house to house, do we actually need? Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of a lot of it and live a less cluttered life?

I made the deliberate choice to not keep all of the kids art work, nor all of their clothes, shoes, or toys. There are some things I won’t get rid of, for sentimental purposes (like the monkey knitted by their now departed great grandmother) but i try to limit that also. I don’t want them growing to adults and then having to cart loads of stuff from house to house. I want them to be free of the chains that boxes and boxes of stuff can bring.

Though in saying all of this, I would still love to own a house and refurnish it with matching furniture. E.g. having a matching dining suite.

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