An Interesting Week

It has been a week of ups and downs, exciting stuff and mundane stuff.

I have had the opportunity to spend some of it with some awesome kids (young and old), some awesome friends (young at heart) and my own awesome family.

Saturday saw my family descend upon another and for those few hours I got to walk in the shoes of a single mother of 8 kids. I now appreciate more how hard it is. I still had a good time though.


Church and a reassuring word for our pastor


We splashed about in a freshwater creek before heading out on a rewarding bread run (we got prawns and chatted with new friends)


A relaxing day at home


A full on day spent with friends, swimming lessons and family


Spent with my gorgeous and intelligent niece, and a walk around the large block (5km), in the rain, with my hubby. We talked!


The laptop had an accident but still works fortunately, then I had fun with a dear friend, no kids and a shopping centre

Tomorrow and Sunday

more friends, and gorgeous kids, and I am looking forward to it

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