Miranda's 11th birthday is on Tuesday and instead of having a party she is going to the movies with friends. I am the chaperone for the evening.

One of Miranda's friends rang up and asked if she could bring a friend. Miranda knows this girl so I left that decision up to Miranda to make. She decided to bring her along also. It's only one extra so it isn't a big deal.

The friend rang up today, not long ago, and went through a series of questions about how many car seats we had, if any were spare, and then put out the big question. Could she bring someone. This someone is someone who Miranda doesn't even know, no names were exchanged either so it could have been a girl, boyfriend or younger sibling. I said no.

I didn't think it was right to bring this other person, especially since none of us knew them, and that would then mean an extra seat taken up in the car, especially when I had already promised to drop some of the friends home (waiting to confirm that yet). I also didn't want others to think they could just invite others and turn it into their going out to the movies and taking away from Miranda's special day.

I just had to rant this.

Apart from this, the day was a good one. The girls did well in their schoolwork, we had a reasonably good morning out and the girls were well behaved and helping in the supermarket when we got groceries. We also picked up a few pressies for Miranda's birthday (I am still waiting for mine to come in the mail), and party supplies which could be taken into the cinemas and consumed at home (since the younger 3 are staying at home with hubby).

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