Distraction is going to the kitchen to see what there is to make for dinner, only to then search for something to eat and find nothing.

Then it is heading to the laundry to see if there is anything good in the freezer to realise the laundry needs doing and put that on, while completely forgetting about dinner and an afternoon snack.

Then you wonder what other laundry needs doing and head to the kids bathroom only to discover it is grubby so you grab the nearest cloth and give it a quick wipe over which leaves streaks and smudges.

While on the way to get another cloth you remember dinner and start rummaging through the freezer, plop that on the bench to defrost and discover the dishes aren’t yet done.

Then it is time to round up the kids after realising the pets are hungry and needs feeding/shifting. While outside you realise the yard needs tidying up.

This is when you get back on track, rounding up the kids, sending them off on various different jobs around the house, including the smudgy bathroom, dirty dishes and messy yard.

An hour later and…

Dinner is out defrosting, kids have done jobs, kitchen is getting cleaned and laundry is going. The smudgy bathroom sparkles, animals are fed, the yard is tidy and I have just scrubbed dirty marks off the walls.

I only went to find something for dinner too!

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