Blood Bank

Being the good citizen that i am, every 3 or so months, i give blood. I go with friends and make it a girlie outing, even though we do go in separately.
This time was a little different as one was out sick and the husband of another came along. Nice guy and i have no problem with the men coming either.
This time, i met an neighbour from my childhood. It was a good meeting as he, and his wife and kids, were good neighbours. It had been probably about 16 years since i last saw him. I was surprised that i could remember his name, and he mine, and the fact he still looked the same as he did 16 years ago.
It was good to catch up with him in that short visit at the blood bank (he was there bleeding also).
During the bleeding the technicians took good care of my 12 yr old and plied her with sweets, muffins and juice!

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