Birthdays, Parks and Crochet

IMG_2953-smlSo much has happened since I last wrote here. So much so that tonight I made notes as to what I wanted to write here.

I finished my latest crochet project, well my 2nd crochet project. It is a bit dodgy but it is finished and I am happy with the end result. The kids all like it, now all we have to do is wait until next winter to wear it.IMG_2834-sml

Apart from this, the kids have been testing me a lot. Just the other day E7 & M4 were chasing each other (M4 had a mouse in her hands and didn’t want to give it up). They ran into my bathroom and with one on each side, trying to get to the other, the bathroom door came off of it’s hinges!!! I have no idea how that happened as it is a heavy door. Fortunately it is the only door in the house which has easy hinges and I was able to, after a little bit of struggling and trying not to get my fingers caught, lift it into position and slide it home, so to speak. Yes, those two did get into trouble after that.

J9 has also been rather excited about watching her mice grow up. They are now 5 weeks old and that means they are old enough to meet with a male and stock up my freezer!

Yesterday, my hubby’s birthday, and coinciding with that was the birth of my latest niece.

Apart from this stuff, we have been to an engagement party for our latest recruit/contractor, and the kids all had fun. It was set in Daisy Hill State Forest Park. Huge area to play in, and a few wallabies for the kids to watch. They were pretty excited about the ‘pink’ joey still in it’s mother’s pouch.

Well that is it for now, the elder two are annoying each other, which in turn is annoying the dog!

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