Being Me

My New Years resolution is to just be me, a better me, then the year before.

This past year I felt like I wasn’t being who I could be (especially in the last few months when life was hectic and upset) so I made the decision to be a better me. To improve my health, strength, weight and personal stuff.


I want to not be restricted in my creative abilities and find time to pursue it.

I want to study nutrition so I can perform better and those around me can perform better also

I want to cook healthier, more often

I want to be a better teacher to my kids and encourage them more

I want to run better and for longer, or at least finish a long trail run comfortably, even if I have to walk some.

I want to loose weight. Ideally 10kg would be nice, but 15kg would be even better. (I don’t want to be a skinny person though, one in the happy medium area)

I want to wear what I want to wear and be comfortable in it

I want to settle into a house for a few years (at least) and de-clutter

I want to wear skirts or dresses while running

I want to create more, design more, and tackle a project bigger then I have done before


I have already set in place a few of these resolutions so there is no backing out. I have my study material for nutrition, i have permission to do my bigger project, I have a group of friends who are being accountable to each other for the running and weight loss thing. I also have some running skirts on their way and some furniture wrecked by the wet weather so I can de-clutter.

Oh, and I promised my girls we would learn french this year.


What are your New Year resolutions, and how are you going to full fill them.

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