Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I always liked that song, the one by Monty Python. I think it is a great song to sing when you are down in the dumps or feeling overwhelmed by life. (It is the 2nd song on the list)

If you don’t like the song then you can always play the glad game that Pollyanna plays.

I am going to play a version of the glad game right now.

Bad Vs Good


It is hot, humid and storming Everything is growing, water is going into the dams
I am tired from yesterday, sunburnt and headachy J9 had a great day as did her friends. And the weather was perfect.
I have to get up at 3am I should get to see the sunrise on the way home
Christmas has been advertised in the shops since November It is the beginning of sales and I have been able to avoid the shops
The reptile room is the hottest part of the house I have happy and healthy reptiles who are breeding
Tomorrow is the last swimming lesson Tomorrow is the last swimming lesson
The school concert was cancelled so I have a lot of bread to deal with I have more then normal bread to give away
Church was pushing the boundaries Our church is a place where everyone feels welcome and can stretch you without you really noticing
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