Summer storms are already here and it isn't even summer yet. 2 days ago we had a mini tornado in the area, today we had hail, lightening, thunder and rain so hard you could not drive because it was like looking at a grey wall. I still had to drive in it though. Tonight was the final night for girls brigade and it was their christmas party. The girls had been looking forward to this all week so I headed out (while it was only cloudy) and took off so that they could join in the festivities.

The drive there is only a short one (about 20 minutes - less if you are hubby) but during that drive we observed the distant clouds, the orange glow from the setting sun and the distant rain. Occassionally our eyes picked up a hint of lightening in the sky but it wasn't too much to worry about. Half way to girls brigade and it started to bucket down, puddles quickly forming on the road, traction control being quickly engaged and the girls chattering increasing (directed towards me). So, I dropped them off, it wasn't too bad at this stage (I could still drive in it). Before I left, or just as I got there, I saw a bolt of lightening hit something nearby and sparks fly up into the air.

Erin, Mercedes and myself took off towards the mail box only to succumb to the heavier rain about 100 metres down the road and pull over, wondering how long it will last. We decided to brave it and set off again, this time going a few hundred metres before pulling over because you couldn't see the road 10 metres in front of you. I pulled over onto a flooded side of the road and waited a bit, till I saw other cars daring the rain.

Now came the small floods, the type which wash up over your car when you drive through them and you can't see anything in front of you. I am just glad the road was wide in that section.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful except for Erin chasing the sleeping sparrows, lots of sugar to be shared at the party and a reasonably dry night with quite a few blackouts.

This is Erin's response to me telling her about why it was so dark when we drove through a blackedout area.
Erin : Where, I can't see it.

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