My sis came over today to go through her things on a mouse hunt. (We have a slight mouse problem but am glad to say they 'seem' to be declining).

The first box that we went through it was obvious that was where they were and we even found 3-4 dead baby mice (long time dead). There were no parents around and fortunately very little was actually ruined. We cleaned out that box and packed pretty much everything into a smaller box! Then it was onto the second box and we found the parents, dead also. They had fallen into the pressure cooker and were unable to get out so they starved to death and added to the fly population around here. Was not pretty but I don't mind a bit of messy so I took over the cleaning out of this vessel.

The mice had come into those boxes due to a packet of bird seed that had been packed into them! Anyhows, as we went through her things, various short stories going along with each item, we came across a pasta maker. I asked her if I could buy it off her and she said no, but that I could have it. It is a great little manual beastie, that I learnt on in college. I can't wait to try it out, but since it was in the mouse box, it needs some good cleaning first!

So, thanks Jo! For the pasta maker and the other items you gave to us. We really appreciate it.

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