Self Analysis

Junk mail/catalogue delivery is all done!

Now all I need to do is bundle it all up and wait for it to be collected. $87.75 worth of exercise, patience and endurance completed.

I did the paper delivery in two parts. One yesterday morning (Saturday) and the rest this afternoon (dodging storms). The one I did this afternoon should have been quicker then what it was done in but I think I spent half of the time in the car dodging the rain. This is a good thing to know as it means I should get the whole route done in less then 5 hours (provided the junk mail fits into their boxes). I think I can do this. It will be good for me, and I have also enlisted the help of the next door neighbours sons. I will pay them according to the percentage of work done.

Once I get into a good routine with this it should be easy to do and once I get out of my unfit stage it will go even quicker and I will feel even better. I think I can do this, to Christmas at least!

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