Only 23 Sleeps Till Christmas!

It is too soon, too soon! I am NOT organised or ready for it.

Now onto bit and pieces of my life.

I feel like I am on a tropical island, we are surrounded by water, there are lush gardens, waterfalls under which we can stand (the smaller kids can at least), I have not had to sit and stare at a computer screen for any length and the kids are amused by the vast quantity of swimming/splashing areas available.

Yes, we have had a LOT of rain, yet are still considered to be in a drought. The dams were that low. Today we have seen brown muddy water surround the house (mostly on the grass), white walls of water and kids in rain jackets! Before the rain happened, there was a delivery, on my reason to exercise (junk mail I deliver). Apparently the lady who delivered it was having a bad morning. They were using her horse truck (clean of course, I hope at least) and had been to the supplier to collect the pallets of junk mail. The first thing I heard was the fact that there was only supposed to be 5 pallets of catalogues, not 11. Then she got extra upset because the pallets were not secured (the catalogues atop of them) and well, it was a mess in there. It was a sea of jumbled catalogues and we were their first drop off for the day also!!! She was already in tears. And as they were finishing up (and my hubby came to the rescue) it started to rain!!! I am glad I don't deliver to the walkers.

I have decided to label this job as paid exercise, since it provides me with aerobic exercise, resistance training and weights.
Aerobic exercise - walking to deliver the papers and jumping in and out of the car.
Resistance training - resisting the urge to take smaller bags instead of carrying the one big bag between houses
Weights - Packing and unpacking the car with boxes full of catalogues
I am not sure where folding them comes into but that is repetitive and constantly moving as you pick from the 11 plus catalogues to fold.
And to throw an extra spin into the dice (or something like that) I have special instructions not to deliver a certain type of catalogue should it rain or even look like raining!!! I have folded it into the others anyhows, since most of the boxes will take the catalogues and I dont feel like walking out on Monday as well!

Though this is good news, I am halfway to owning a Creative Zen Micro/Neeon.

Another good thing, this job seems to have given me part of my mind back. I can feel the creative juices pumping and have created a few necklaces/bracelets and a series of three paintings (for the main bedroom only).

Now it is time to drag the baby out of the water, empty out her shoes, dry her up and encourage the others to come in out of the lake/water.

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