New Years Eve

The last day of the year and the beginning of the next one is only hours away. What did I do to celebrate? Spent my hard earned money, planned to go visit my dad and step-mum, and after that planned to watch a movie with my sis. Maybe I should inform hubby about this? Maybe not also.

What did I buy? Hmmmmm. Lots!
I let the kids spend their hard earned money and they bought some pretty cool toys which were all marked down due to post Christmas sales. I bought hubby a few presents, late christmas presents at that. He got a necklace (to replace the one he lost), a cool bag and lunch box (for work lunches) and a dask calender. I got myself a pair of sunglasses and a skirt, also some beading findings. Now all I need is the beads! I bought Merc a little set of shelves (with doors) so that we can put her clothes in something instead of a box. I also tried to buy but didn't succeed in buying, my dad a polo shirt, though I did succeed in buying my step-mum a shirt but not a nice skirt. Ahh well, I am done for now, until I hit the bead shop and get some beads, to add to the ones I already have!!!

I don't go shopping often so this is a big deal for me. I got the things that I had wanted for a while, for me, so I am happy.

Well, the new year isn't about shopping, but about new beginnings and starting afresh. As I look forward into 2006, I can see that it is going to start at full speed and possibly only start to slow down about mid year, possibly later. Since I home school, am starting a new business and continuing with old business, I think it will be busy all year round.

Happy New Year!

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