New Spam To Be Cautious Of

There is a new junk/spam email to be cautious of out there. The main reason I clicked to it being spam was the fact that it asked me to “Please remember me to your parents”.

Anyhow, here is the email, which comes with an .zip attachment.

“Greating and salutations

New clauses have been added to the legislation regulating your online activities; some of the operations are now considered illegal. The new law has come into force as of 25.09.2008; the penalties have been toughened.

Please read the new document and be more accurate further on.

Please remember me to your parents”

Apart from the lack of personal approach, bad grammar and spelling, a completely wrong email addy (cc’ed) in the address box, and the fact that I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I performed an illegal operation online, I could almost believe it was legit. I know some will out there.

So, consider yourself warned.

* am not going to put up the email addy it came from because it will probably have changed by the time it reaches you.


Never, ever open an

Never, ever open an attachment in an email unless you know the sender, or if you want to be even more cautious, unless you were expecting the attachment. If you understand that most email viruses spread by tricking you into clicking on an attachment, you'll understand that there very many "new" ways to play this game.


I never opened the

I never opened the attachment. I never do unless it is something I am expecting or from someone I know, and then it has to be in a format I know before I will open it. I have been known to delete emails from my family because I didn't know the format of the attachment (they have had viruses in the past).
It also got past my virus software, which I think is probably because it was in a .zip format.
I mainly put this up as a warning to others, because I know people, kids especially, who will not think and just open it.

A virus is attached

A virus is attached buddy.....
Who's going to send you something like that?
Come on!!!

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