Well the in-laws have left, catching a midday flight today.

The cubby house (play house) was finished yesterday and today I started with some more painting on it. I have started on the door, painting their names (kids) and 'Home Sweet Home'. The cubby is pretty cool. It has a double door (top half swings open), windows on the other three sides, a roof that slopes to drain away the water, exposed beams on the inside so that they can be used for shelves, and I am sure it is big enough to have a couple of kids sleep the night in there. The kids have been in it most of today so far and enjoying it. The empty boxes, containers and bottles I gave them is also helping for imaginary play. I am thinking that for Christmas we might dress it up with some curtains, maybe some shelves, table, chairs, etc. It's good to have a place that they can play in outside and invite their friends to play in.

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