General News

My sister, who just had baby Emily, is back in hospital with pnemonia. We aren't sure how long she will be in there for. I am going to see her tomorrow.

One of me females dropped 6 more eggs today. Total egg tally is 11 so far. Still working out a price at which to sell the babies provided they are all normal and healthy.

Hubby made me two shelves for the incubator today. He is a very handy man!

Today was week 4 of personal training. We had a different trainer today due to Corey having to study and take exams. It was hard and worked everyone hard. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow!

Mercedes is being a toddler and has discovered the joy of pouring out water bottles onto the floor in bad places! I hope this ends soon.

Erin has been a little demanding lately but I think that is mainly related to the amount of time we spend with her, and the fact that she likes to test the rules. We will get there with her eventually.

Jade came with us to class this arvo and ran around with us, encouraging us, etc. She is very sporty and loves her exercise.

Miranda is growing up and is changing from a little girl. She still loves to read but she is maturing and likes the added responsibility she has been given. Her Siamese fighting fish also bred recently and we have HEAPS of babies now!

Hubby and I are both overworked but still managing to find time together.

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