Dancing In The Rain

Just the other night I bought myself a bait trap so that I could use it for my dragons (turning it into an outside terrarium), and today the kids, hubby and I headed down to the creek to look for sticks that might be suitable to stick inside of it. At this stage of the day it was a beautiful, sunny, hot day and looked to remain that way.

As husbands tend to do (well mine at least), he got distracted on our search for sticks. We played billy goat gruff on a bridge over the creek before tramping off through some nearby bush in search of a track. Hubby takes this track while mountain biking. It was still sunny.
We saw where the kangaroos rested and what would be their drinking hole. We saw many bull ant nests, lots of bush and then the creek. At the creek we were not sure, but we are thinking, that we saw a platypus. It looked like the ideal place for one to reside with lots of tree roots exposed from the banks. We heard whip birds and various other birds. A few minutes before we left, it started to rain but being in the thick of trees it did not bother us, and this being Queensland, the showers would probably pass soon anyhow. Hubby and Jade had to make their way back up, pass the animal holes, lantana, leaf matter and steep hills to us back on the track. The rain didn't pass but only became harder. It was great!

We dragged the pram out into the open and started the other way on the track. Hubby pushed, dragged, carried the pram while I gave Erin a piggy back ride. This was actually a better way to go as the track took us all the way back to the road. By this stage we were soaking wet and it was still pouring. Across the road, a small creek and past a building site where we provided amusement for those sheltering in the garage, then we were home.

Hubby, Mercedes and myself got dried up and changed while the three other girls played in the water on the street until they were called in.
The rain wasn't cold, it wasn't warm but it was just cool enough to be refreshing and warm enough to not bring a chill.
I would call this a fun outing.

And, I would love to go back to the creek (platypus one) with the camera and an umbrella (just in case).

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