"Christmas Day Simply Done"

As expected the kids woke up very early, excited to find their stockings filled with a few small treats and a present each. Actually, Jade was the first one to wake up but she went back to sleep beside me in my bed. After getting them out of the room so hubby could sleep some more, I urged them to eat breakfast and do their chores before waking up hubby and beginning with the present unwrapping.
The only person who was not happy with what they received was Mercedes. She just wanted to unwrap and have what the others had.

My list of presents received:

  • beginers sketch kit and instruction book
  • brown cheesecloth summer dress
  • lingere
  • beading stuff (beads, string, pliers, storage box, lizard charms, pretty spacers)
  • book
  • square bowl (used with today's christmas food)

I think that is it

After this it was time to prepare lunch (8.30am) as we were having a honey mustard baked ham with salad and treats. Yum!
After lunch was rest time and an invite to a friends house for a swim and chat, then they came to our place for dinner (turkey with roast veg, etc) and cake.

Now that all that is done, it is time to prepare for Jade's 7th birthday tomorrow, and attempt to make her a barbie cake.

Sleep? Who needs it! That will come late Tuesday night!

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