"Busy Bee"

Today originally looked to be a nice slow day, easy going, etc etc. It never ended like that though.

The day started with getting up early to take hubby to the train, then a round up of kids, getting them ready and heading out to get petrol before picking up my sister so she can babysit while I attended my first art class.

Art class was great. The guy teaching it has produced some amazing works and he was easy to understand and follow. Since there was only 6 in the class it was small and I got a good seat. I did get a little bit of homework to do and I have to bring in a picture I have drawn previously. I have an idea of what I will bring in but am yet to find it.

After this it was a quick dash up to my mum's shop to drop my sis off, then head to the shops to find it a waste of time and head home for lunch before heading out again. During our home time we had a repairman arrive, fix and leave, and we had lunch also.

Did you know Merc has the stamina to stay awake during car trips now? Unfortunately she does and has not had a sleep today so I am expecting an early bed time for her tonight.

Lunch over and it was time to head out and do more chores. We were home by 3pm. Well, 1 minute to 3pm and I had told the girls I wanted to be home by 3pm at the latest. I guess I scrapped it in close.

Now all I have left to do today is the household chores, possibly fix a holey lamb and prepare dinner while trying to fit in drawing practise!

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