At The Beach

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Yup, we are still in winter (according to the calender) and we headed to the beach. The tide was out so we had a huge flat to walk and explore on. Mercedes was a little scared at first, not sure what to make of the bumpy ground and the small luke warm puddles of water. She was especially scared of the seaweed and would not walk over it, but had to stay as far away from it as possible, which was hard considering it was pretty much everywhere in small clumps. She did survive and enjoyed her long walk out to the waters edge and back.

Erin had a blast and even tried to make sand angles in the hard wet sand. She had fun exploring the little pools, picking up hermit crabs and finding the green slimy worms that were quite plentiful. Erin also had her togs on before we even left home (we had some errands to run before we went to the beach).

Jade had fun and only got told off once, for kicking water at me while I was trying to take a photo. She loved running through the warm puddles and was to the down ramp, across the bindi (prickles) patch without realising. It wasn't till we were headed back to the car that she realised the grass was full of bindis and got stuck in the middle of them. Silly me, threw my thongs (flip flops) to her to wear across but they got stuck about halfway between her and me, in the worst section of bindis. We did extract her eventually and sent her down the path to the car (not the most direct route to the car) while i retrieved my thongs from the middle of the bindi patch. Fortunately they were mostly green.

Miranda was off as soon as she put on her board shorts, and exploring. I think she was the first one down to the flats. While out at the waters edge she found a clam attached to some seaweed and brought it up to me for a look see. We worked out that it was still alive despite the shell being cracked and missing in a few places. So that clam came back with us to be examined a little closer. Once it was opened, she had a good look before feeding it to the seagulls. Then it was back down to the water while I got Mercedes dressed.

The plan was for them to walk along to another set of stairs and then come up by them but that plan abruptly ended when Miranda stood on a rock and cut the ball of her foot and big toe (it is soaking now in antiseptic lotion) The poor girl had already caught her elbow in the sliding door of the car and now had a cut foot. She is so upset she doesn't want to to girls brigade tonight. We will see how that goes.

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