A small bit of fiction


The sky was overcast, the low clouds grey and threatening with rain, though the warm breeze was refreshing after long humid night.

She slept well now, peace written across her pale features, the night’s dreams forgotten.

Her window was open slightly, the breeze buffeting the curtains, and tickling her face, slowly rousing her from a peaceful slumber. Suddenly a golden beam of sunlight escaped through the low clouds, giving promise of a new day, and streamed in through a gap in the curtains, finding it’s way across the room and onto the bed, resting upon the pillow which lay empty beside her sleeping figure.

It was then that she awoke, reaching up to brush her golden locks from her face, feeling the breeze, and as her eyes slowly opened, the golden ray of light resting on the pillow beside her. She reached across with her hand, touching the spare pillow, feeling it’s coolness, the slight indent as if it had recently been used.

Eyes now fully open, she looked towards the window, watching joyfully as the sunbeam played with the moving curtain, almost forgetting. As if in habit, she turned her eyes towards the door that lead to the ensuite, watching, waiting as the fog of sleep left her awake and realising what had happened. The moment of joy turning to sadness as she realised she was alone, and not by choice. Her partner in life was gone, and today was the day she said goodbye.


Gave me the shivers.

Gave me the shivers.

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