IMG_3207-sml First things first, my sister had her routine scan done yesterday and she is having a girl! Another niece for me.

Secondly, E7’s mouse had her babies last night. There are at least 9 in there. Poor mouse is so tired. She feeds the babies then wanders off to the other side of the cage to sleep. We have housed her cage mate (and boyfriend) in our spare bachelor pad (the boys house away from the females). This means that in 3 weeks time I will be culling a new batch of mice, though this time I am allowing the girls to sell some of the babies for pets. I am hoping that between our females, we will have enough mice to feed the snakes (and the new ones coming next year).

In other news, life on the home front is pretty routine. I awake to M4 cuddling up beside me (her waking time is getting earlier each day though with the earlier sunrise), try to get a little more sleep, give up, get the rest of the kids up and nag/encourage them to have breakfast, do their chores, brush their teeth and hair. Since we don’t start school till 9.30am they often get absorbed into books or play together (they play the best when asked to do jobs). Struggle through school, have lunch and feed who ever else might be here, get through the afternoon with extra ‘Jobs of the Day’, before I give in and let them watch cartoons (which is getting less and less each day). Then, depending on what day it is we get onto dinner, and either hubby goes out or I do (we do have one set night at home per week).

Enough of the boring stuff, I need to go make some vinegar erupt in a volcano experiment.

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