Matthew Flinders Run

This was another of the great runs put on by TRAQ (trail running association of QLD). The run we did this time was the 24km loop which was 6km then the 30km we did in May. The time we set for ourselves on this run was 4hrs, and we made close to the mark finishing in 4hrs 17min. I am happy with that time.

For the run itself, we chose the earlier start of 8am, so that we could make it back in time for lunch and wouldn’t spend all day out there. I am so glad we did.

The track itself held a wide variety of differing terrains. Some of those were rock covered in moss, sand, and normal dirt tracks. There were a few puddles around that we needed to go around, as well as a few fallen trees that needed climbing over/going around. There were long grasses almost obscuring the track from site and a steep hill section which I fondly call ‘the steps’, there were branches that whipped you as you ran past and deep crevasses in the ground. There was a lot to keep your mind occupied with.

We ran past mountains, macadamia farms, bee hives and were run past by other competitors. Almost everyone who went past would say hello, ask how we were going and were general pleasant to be around. Some even stopped for a chat.

Overall it was a great run, and I am happy with my time, and now it is time to put up my feet and rest them. Maybe after I find something to eat.

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