That’s what my friend’s kid called us.

Most Wednesdays' we visit a road called Mountain View Rd, and from the top you get the mountain views and can see all the way to the Sunshine Coast. It is a steep, mostly dirt road, and a very good training aid. The first time it was hard, the second time it was still hard, but more rewarding. Now it is still hard but a different kind of hard. It is hard because we get to the bottom of the steep parts and we run up as far as we can, marking our progress with stones or visual markers. This week I improved on at least two of those markers.

An added bonus to this walk is that we are gradually getting to know the family who live at the top of the hill. Last night we talked to the man of the house (a born and bred farmer) and he allowed his dogs to come for a walk with us. This pleased our three accomplices (kids) a lot. (When the kids weren’t playing with the dogs they were continuing their elaborate game which first started when we first did the road). On these afternoon walks, we do about a 6km round trip.

Now onto the real reason why I am a looney! Last night, I walked in the door to find out I was heading straight back out to a boxing/fitness class. The walk lasted for roughly 90 minutes (quite possibly more), and the class went for 80 minutes.

The boxing fitness class was hard, full on, though we did get some leniency due to the fact we were new with it. I went to this class with another friend of mine. We started with skipping, followed by running the length of the tennis court a few times while punching weights in front of us, or above our head. Throwing around medicine balls, lots of ab work, and finished with a hard session of boxing (well, hitting mitts with gloved hands)

Then, after getting home, I stayed up until midnight.

Tonight we have running club.

I have Friday off.

Saturday we are going hiking with the happy hikers club.

Sunday I have off.

I am a looney because I am doing what others won’t because it is difficult.

I am also tired.


I'm glad you are looney. its

I'm glad you are looney. its the best and only way to be

YOU ARE AMAZING! I am really

YOU ARE AMAZING! I am really enjoying seeing you go after this goal and attacking the work load of getting superfit - well done!

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