Saturday Afternoon

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon?

I spent at least an hour of mine wrist deep in roach poo.

I finally took the plunge and divided up (further) the roaches I had.

Note: I breed roaches (wood roaches) to feed to our lizards.

I also scrubbed, dried, and rehoused the majority of the roaches (a few tiny ones ended up in the bin) and there was only one box that I actually gave up on and left a few roaches in, uncleaned, and threw in some new boxes so I could tackle it another day.

Now I am off to make dinner. I think we should have chicken.

Oh yes, I did scrub my hands, forearms and change my pants (my shirt is still clean, so were my pants apart from my pocket where I had to keep pressing the garage remote so I could go outside and wash the boxes out)

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