Influencing Others

IMG_7904 Do you influence others? Do you have kids? Do you have contact with other people, young or old, or somewhere in between?

If you do any of these, then you influence others. How much depends on how much you are willing to give.

If you have kids, you influence them without even realising it. One day they are doing their own thing, the next they are mimicking your actions and words. You may not realise it at first, but they had to learn it from somewhere. They watch you and your actions, your words, how you interact with other people, what you do in your spare time.

Others can influence you, it may be your toddler throwing a tantrum in a busy shopping centre (would you have gotten embarrassed or mad if they hadn’t?), someone complementing your work or rubbishing it. We are all influenced by others, whether they be on TV, the radio, in a book or in real life (and the internet).

How does this relate to me and my family? Since this is that this blog is about.

I started running/jogging when a seed was planted in my head about 10 months ago, then that seed was watered and has now gotten to the point where  it is branching out and affecting the rest of my family. My eldest two have signed up for a 2km trail run, and the youngest can do a 2 minute 400m. My sports clothes have gone from knit cotton to specialist sports material clothes. My shoes aren’t always clean and I have a purpose built hydration back pack so I can trail run and carry everything I need on my back. I bought a tennis dress pattern and turned it into a running dress (which the Mums on the Run team thought was cute).

So many things in my life are influenced by others, and I influence so many others.


yeah - you influenced me so

yeah - you influenced me so much that i changed my sports this year to work around your sports!

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