Hunting Lodge Estate Winery Run

IMAG0117Today we ran at Hunting Lodge Estate Winery. It was so nice out there, so fresh, relaxing and fun.

The run itself was small, the competitors low in numbers, but the atmosphere was great.

As far as I was aware, the run itself was organised, along with a few other activities over three days, to celebrate the winery’s 10th year of running. The owner/farmer was there to help everyone celebrate, encourage and have a bit of fun.

The run itself was challenging physically, but not draining mentally. You knew what was around the corner and how far you had to go. You knew that ‘heartbreak hill’ was what separated the pack and meant the finish line (or half way line) was in sight. As far as I could see, everyone had fun and cheered on those still in the run. IMAG0105

I had no problem letting the girls (my #3 and a friend’s #1) go ahead of me, or left behind at one point. Though I did have trouble getting too far away from them as they didn’t want to leave me (must have been the lollies I was carrying in my back pack). The girls also made the run more ‘fun’ for themselves, and longer, by running up the side hills and running back down them again. I am not sure how much extra they did but it sure explains why my #3 was ready for bed by dinner time tonight.

Even though I came dead last (they had already started drawing the lucky draw prizes), I was happy to have finished, and was recognised as part of the club (now all I need to do is remember everyone’s names). I may have been slow but I performed at my best/most today and will go to bed early as proof of that. I would like to do more runs there, bring the family and let them splash in the creek, explore the area and enjoy it like I did.

They had a coffee shop there, it has to be seen to be believed.

IMAG0096 IMAG0097 IMAG0109 IMAG0108 IMAG0114

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