A week ago we headed away on a holiday / business trip with some friends.

Sunrise start to the day with breakfast on the way down.
While we waited for friends, the kids and I watched cartoons, woke up and settled in.
The afternoon was filled with a little grocery shopping in a neighbouring town, a swim at the sandy resort lagoon pool (it even had a hot spa).
The evening was dinner with hubby while our friends looked after theirs and ours. While my night was short, hubby had a long one as he was playing poker with his work mates.

A day at the beach after a sunrise wakeup call by Mercedes! I did pull out of the arvo beach trip to get some much needed rest only to find them all back and getting ready for the pool!
That night we sent our friends off on a dinner date while we looked after their kids. I convinced hubby not to go out poker playing with his work friends (he had been at conferences the whole last two days and I didn't feel like holidaying alone)
We also had some yummy gelato that day after the first beach trip.

Everyone was able to get into this day. There was lifeguard rescues (ask hubby), sunburn, lots of water and fortunately less sand. The boys took the kids to the park for a run around and I took out my lot for ice cream.
Later that day (early evening) we had fish and chips by the beach followed by a little unsuccessful 4wd through soft sand. Fortunately there were two cars and one did not follow us all the way. The other car took all of the kids (apart from a sleeping Merc) back to the apartment, with our female friend, while we waited out beneath the darkening sky and full moon for the rescue to arrive. After lots of digging and losing a car jack we were out and on our way home. Hubby was dark black from the sand/dirt and our other friend was just as dirty.

Home day.
More pool and lots of packing up to be done also.
On the way home we took a scenic way home via Mount Warning. While there we took a short bush walk up a heap of stairs, took a few photos of a lace monitor and consumed some left over food from the weekend away.
There is a new 'pick me up and kick me in the goolies' drink called Mother, and it really tastes like you have licked the inside of the sweaty shoe which has kicked you in the goolies! It did nothing for me also, which is strange since I do not drink these types of drinks often.
That night, we had friends over, played a card game and then sleep for the next action packed day with out PT instructor (PT stands for personal torturer not personal trainer!).

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