In order to get fit and keep fit I am going to 'try' to keep a journal of my exercises in here.
They won't be much but it will be a start to being more active.

Yesterday - Monday 24th September

Personal Training

We ran, lots. I did about 2.5kms, well maybe less than that since I had to have a break in the beginning (The curse of having had 4 kids!)The running was hard because it was interval work and we had to try to do 50m in 13seconds. There was only one in our group who could make that time slot every time! After this we did soccer kick and free for all soccer and footy kicks. My foot eye co-ordination was not good by this stage and the dimming light made it harder still.

Today - Tuesday 25th September

Today I done some reverse crunches and a few stretches. Later on I plan to do some mulching in the garden, as well as stretching out the sore limbs from last night's training.

As for the future, I am 'thinking' of running in the mornings, but we will have to see how that goes. In the meantime I need to get onto eating better with more fruit and veg as I am sure that will help a lot.

Also, a new site I have joined and I hope will help. Weigh2win It is a forum started by some homeschooling mums in the same boat (maybe some are in a different boat) as me.

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