New Additions

New additions have been popping up everywhere recently. You could almost mistake it for spring if it wasn't the fact that some additions were already adult.
Starting a few weeks back a friend of ours had a little girl via c-section. She is a gorgeous little thing and I had a hold of her when she was a week old.
After this, the Monday just gone, two of our friends had their own baby girls (Two seperate babies by seperate couples who don't know each other). Both are gorgeous looking babies and healthy.
The first born of the two was born down at the Gold Coast and is a very strong baby. There is one thing though, and she was born blind, with no eyes at all. She is definately making up for this by being strong and very alert of her surroundings. It is hard for her parents but I am sure that they will find the support they need.
The next baby was born up near me at Caboolture to some great friends. The baby has a head full of hair, maybe even more then Merc had as a baby. She is very alert and perfect.

With all of these babies happening, what did we do? We expanded our 'zoo' by picking up a couple of male guinea pigs off a FreeCycle ( ) site. These pigs came with their own enclosure, food, mite spray and waterbottle, etc. They are goregous looking animals and only seem to get anxious around the dog who thinks they are invading our yard! The dog is a little put out by these furry little squeeking animals but she will get over it. She got over the skinks. We will probably make another purchase before too long and that will be the inclusion of a couple of females, for the males, so the kids can breed their own guinea pigs and start to learn a little about business management, or at least make a little extra pocket money from their hard work. Their names are Bean & Thunder!

In good news, we passed our rental inspection with what I consider to be flying colours. I was happy with the final report especially since we put a lot of work into some areas (whitening the grout in both bathrooms). Because of that, we have had this week off of school for holidays, and will head back to school next week. The beauty of homeschooling!

Also, in animal news, I think the central netted dragons may be getting into the breeding season a little earlier then usual. This could be a good thing as it will mean babies before Christmas.

In other news, we got our camera back from being fixed! For free! And can possibly get our video camera fixed for free also!

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