Glasshouse 30 - Cooks Tour

2010-05-16 GlassHouse Trails 2010 401 2010-05-16 GlassHouse Trails 2010 408-1600 This write up is a little bit late, but, better late then never hey!

Cook’s Tour was a fun event. We (Audrey, Le-anne and myself) did the 30km event. We completed it in 5hrs 30 min (approx). It was nice up on the track, staying together and just enjoying the event. It was not an always easy 30km, but there were plenty of laughs along the way. There were also a few large puddles we had to work out how to get through dry and unmuddy. I ended up the muddiest of the trio, but it was all fun.

This event was a well catered, rewarding and fun experience. I am signing up for the 24km in July!

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