Our garden is going good, even the part which is in polystyrene boxes.

I think I went through this the other day but today I harvested some of the fancy lettuce leaves for use in dinner. I took the more mature leaves so hopefully the plants will continue to produce leaves which we can take as we need without interrupting the growth of the plants (which will mean a longer supply). The radishes were picked the other day but unfortunately were put towards the back of the fridge where they froze and went all rubbery and translucent!

We planted out the rest of the beetroot seedlings this afternoon. I hope they take to their new home in the garden and grow well!

The strawberry plant (in the pot) has thrown out runners which we have secured in large seedling pots. We hope they take as the flowers on this plant are quite pretty and interesting. (Bright pink)

We haven't got a big garden but at least it is a start in producing some fresh veggies for us to consume, something that isn't store bought.

When this harvesting season is over, I wonder what I will plant next, maybe some pumpkin. Dunno really.

Enough rambling from me, back to the never ending cleaning before we watch our Friday tradition of 'Better Homes & Gardens'.

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