My seeds arrived yesterday. The seeds were yellow peach tomato seeds and tigerella seeds. I didn't want to have ordinary seeds in the garden, I wanted something different so this is what we ended up with. The kids have taken the chance to buy some of the seeds off of me so that they can grow the plants and then sell the produce back to us. If they fail to look after them, I still get the tomatoes but for free. So we all win in the end.

My exercise lately has been improving though it has not been confined to using the exercise ball and having training on Monday. Hubby and I have been playing a bit of frisbee lately and that can be a good workout as you need to run to catch those misjudged frisbee throws (he does a lot more running than I do). I have also noticed it is easier to ride up our street on the bike than it used to be, which is a good sign things are improving also.

The dragons are STILL pregnant but it shouldn't be too far away now. I guess things might hurry along if I increase their food intake and try to make their tank a little more laying friendly.
No baby skinks this year as I am sure my pair haven't bred at all. I am not too worried about this though.
The beardeds are stinky, sociable, piggish eaters who don't seem to mind being handled though you need to watch those hungry mouths if you have anything resembling food in your hands.

Yesterday, as we were taking some stick insect eggs (yes we now have stick insect eggs also, soon to hatch hopefully) to a friend, we noticed that one of the eggs had hatched. It is a goliath stick insect and they are ugly! lol. Look just like a bit of stick with legs, hence the name they have. The kids now can't wait for the remaining eggs to hatch (we have 4 goliath and 4 childrens stick insect eggs).

The kids are going good, being kids and doing what kids do especially with a seemingly empty stomach!!!

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