My Day So Far

IMG_4546IMG_4539Let’s start off with this guy first. He is holding a LAN this weekend. A 30 hour LAN. That is a lot of gaming time. And I have been ‘contracted’ to cater for it. I think I can get in under budget for the catering so that is great. He is what started off my day of busyness.

Then M4 came in with a flower she picked from one of my potted plants. I am sure it is a type of hibiscus, but I am not totally sure which type of hibiscus it actually is. It is supposed to be a native plant. It has flowered twice already and the flowers have produced some type of fruit, which is still growing, on the plant. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Our garden is going well also and we seem to have a gooseberry bush growing out there, much to our surprise as I haven’t even planted any seeds yet. It has fruit on it and we will just wait until the fruit ripen to decide if it is a weed or edible. We will also research it all online as well. Apart from this the watermelon seedlings are getting bigger and tomatoes have popped up everywhere, along with cucumbers. It will be nice to have some fresh produce.

IMG_4562IMG_4560One other thing happened this morning and that was one of my reptile lights ‘exploding’. It sort of fell off and smashed over the bottom of the enclosure. We think some of the water spray must have hit it and the cool water on the hot bulb just reacted and caused the sudden demise of the bulb.  In the pictures you can see the bulb and it’s insides. I now have to buy a new UV light as the one I have in there is only white light, no heat or UV, and the other bulb is just heat. The dragons will last a few days though, fortunately.

Now onto the rest of the day.

Time to start catering.

Oh, I do have a new recipe to write up on here, and it is something the kids liked so I will possibly make it again.

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