Harvest Time

We have been harvesting from our small garden a bit lately.
We have finished up 1 box of lettuces (3 of which I am letting go to seed so we can collect the seed), have picked about 9 cobs of corn (5 today), lots of lebanese cucumbers (which have a few slug bites in them) and the odd few strawberries which have survived the summer and slugs so far.
Tomatoes plants are growing well as are the rosella and beetroots. I was suprised at how big the rosella plants have gotten. I think I may well be swamped with fruit this year!
Today, at the markets, I bought some seedlings - fancy lettuce, plain beetroot, rosemary, parley, capsicum and chilli.
When our corn has finished producing I will put in some more seeds so we can get a second crop growing.

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