Vegie Pour Overs - Sweet Chilli & Sesame

We tried this one tonight.

The kids aren't fans of chilli and I only managed to get M12 to try this. It was too spicy for her.

I really enjoyed it and it made me remember spring rolls dipped in sweet chilli sauce. The herbs and sesame oil (and seeds) go really well with these flavours. There are even herbs in it, and the taste comes through in the sauce, though it isn't over powering. It is subtle enough to be noticed but not to over power the sauce. I think everything was in perfect balance with this sauce.

Hubby seemed to enjoy it also (he ate it, didn't complain and then headed back to his computer game, yelling over his shoulder that the kids have to eat all of their food before stories).

I give this sauce two big, well medium sized, thumbs up. I would give it more but I only have two thumbs.

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