I have been going to the gym for a few weeks now, as well as the personal trainer. It has been good though grueling.
I am starting to see the benefits of going to the gym and consuming more water.
My complexion has become better, body is functioning better even if it does ache after doing something different from normal.

Right now my main focus in the gym work is to increase my cardio by watching the sunrise from the confines of a treadmill. Of course I don't just do that, I do a few crunches on the fit ball (until my stomach aches too much to do them anymore) and attack some of the other cardio machines. All this gym work is accompanied by a bike ride there and back on my treadly (bike).
The ride there is easy, as it is mostly downhill, while the ride home is mostly uphill, though our street is the only real challenge.

Why am I doing this? Hubby is turning 40 this year, I am turning 31 this year and I have 4 kids to keep up with (3 of whom are very active). I want to keep my health, have some me time (I get this as the sun rises most weekdays), and look good for my man.

Now onto the day, which is filled with housework, schoolwork, sewing and carving polystyrene foam.

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