Bribie Beach Bash 2010

What a load of fun this was. It isn’t over the top, lots of bright colours and flashy prizes type event, but a close and personal type of event (and it’s growing!). It is held yearly, on the surf side (eastern side) of Bribie Island.

Bribie Beach Bash this year saw a lot more competitors then the previous years with most runners able to enjoy the dolphins playing in the surf as the runners dashed across the sand.

This year I chose to do 10km, instead of the 6km I did last year, and it was about the 6km mark this year that I was feeling it and wondering why i had chosen the longer event. The run was nice, the weather conditions perfect (slight drizzle at the beginning but it fined up to light cloud cover later on). The sand was also firm underfoot and the beach slope wasn’t as angled as last year. There was one creek crossing about 500m from the turn around point and it was cold, and flowing fast. It definitely added a twist and a break to the run. At about the 7km mark I finally got into the run, found myself and started singing the same 4 lines to a song, over and over in my head. In the end, I came in 2min under my chosen finishing time, so I was happy with that, but also understanding that there was so much more I could have put into this if I had been training regularly. I definitely would have felt better at the end instead of drained. I guess this is what I get for ignoring my training and being sick, moving house and generally letting life get in the way (which included sleeping lots).

If you ever get a chance, try out this run, it is worth the drive. They also support a worthy charity, the endeavour foundation.

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